The Classroom in the Cloud


GatherEducation is a real-time, virtual classroom transforming how, when and where students and educators engage.

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Empowering Teachers. Engaging Students. Evolving Education.


When you empower teachers with the ability to engage eager students anywhere, anytime, amazing things can happen. We believe in that connection. We’ve built our platform on it.

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Work Globally. Learn Together.


Whether you’re onboarding remote staff or conducting a multi-office development course, engaging with your employees is priority. Our platform is designed to make things like corporate training and field team meetings as collaborative as if it were just down the hall (even when it’s not).

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Your Classroom. Anywhere.


What makes a great teacher is their passion in the classroom and how one teacher can connect with a group of students. It’s life changing. Unfortunately, traditional online learning platforms leave that passion and connection in the classroom. We want you to bring it with you.

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