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How are instructors using GatherEducation?

  • Greg Schwanbeck

    I'm able to repurpose the weeks of class time I saved by holding test review sessions at night to do more meaningful projects. That is revolutionary!
    — Greg Schwanbeck, Westwood High School Physics Teacher

  • Eric Clark

    I'm more accessible as a tutor now. The platform has given my students the confidence to let me know when they don't understand a concept.
    — Eric Clark, Quincy Tutoring

Instructors, here's how the magic happens.

Pick a time. Invite students.

Send out an invite to your class. That's all they need to join your virtual, interactive class.

Set up in just 10 minutes.

It's easy to set up using the Microsoft Kinect, your TV, laptop and/or iPad.

Teach Virtually. Teach Naturally.

Join and run your class without learning any complicated commands.