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What if you could teach students anywhere? With GatherEducation you can expand your classroom to students all over the world, all they need is a smartphone.

As an independent educator, your passion is teaching students, not setting up complicated technology. That is why our GatherEducation online learning platform is designed to utilize existing gaming technology and can be viewed by students on any 3G enabled device. That means you can begin teaching students across town or across the world, all they need is a smartphone to get started.

key platform benefits


Teachers simply create their personal avatar and get started with the Microsoft Kinect allowing them to keep their own style and personality in their virtual classroom.


Our platform can be accessed anywhere by your team. All they need is a 3G enabled smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Students can ask questions, interact with other classmates in group discussion and even let the teacher know if they’re feeling a little lost on the topic with our private feedback button.

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“I’m able to repurpose the weeks of class time I saved by holding test review sessions at night to do more meaningful projects. That is revolutionary!”

Greg Schwanbeck, Westwood High School

“I’m more accessible as a tutor now. The platform has given my students the confidence to let me know when they don’t understand a concept.”

Eric Clark, Quincy Tutoring

  • Pencil
    1. Create a Class

    You’ll need a Microsoft Kinect for Xbox One™ and the Windows Adapter, a BlueTooth™ headset as well as an Apple iPad™ or Android Tablet™.

  • Devices
    2. Install Our Software & Get Your Hardware

    Installing our software is super easy. We’re compatible with any PC or Mac, Android Tablet™, or Apple iPad™.

  • Envelope
    3. Send Out Invites & Start Teaching

    Classroom setup takes seconds. Send out invites with the Class Link and you are good to go.

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