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Training a sales team or discussing the new changes from HR can be a challenge on a conference call, even with just three or four people. What if you could easily discuss, survey, present, answer questions and get feedback all on the same call without anyone talking over each other? GatherEducation’s corporate online learning platform allows you to do all of that no matter where your work force is located.

key platform benefits:


Our platform can be accessed anywhere by your team. All they need is a 3G enabled smartphone, tablet or desktop.


People often tune out in meetings or are afraid to ask questions. Keep users engaged with quick surveys and let them give private feedback so you know if you need to review a topic again or in more detail.

Record & Share

Save all of your important meetings for review and to have easily accessible for later trainings.

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“The feeling that I was in the classroom made me far more engaged, and the feeling that I was ‘sitting next to’ my co-workers was delightful and fun. I love that the content is shown on the screen behind the presenter, and I think that the experience of ‘being in a classroom’ put me in the mindset to listen and learn.”

Lara, The Startup Institute

“I would rate the platform itself as a 10. I have taken online courses previously and would have a basic call-in each week to listen in on content and discuss classwork. Having an interactive online setting that has the actual look and feel of a classroom made doing our comp-chat a little more exciting. If I were still taking online courses, I would much prefer using Gather for my learning over the standard call-in.”

Lauren, The Startup Institute

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